Diversify Your Tap: Creating Personalized Drinking Experiences

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Ordering the typical domestic beer on tap doesn’t satisfy all patrons of restaurants these days. Today, everything is all about customization. Whether you’re a restaurant concept, clothing line, car dealership or just about anyone else selling products to guests.

Increasingly more restaurants are creating unique drinking experiences, such as beer or wine menu pairings, customized soda machines at fast food restaurants, handcrafted beers on tap and innovative specialty cocktails, offering guests the ability to order a drink that feels like it was made just for them.

The advantage of restaurants providing creative customized beverages is that it encourages guests to select drinks that fit their personality. It also appeals to guests who have brand and quality preferences – for example, some beer drinkers have a preference for what is local – allowing guests to select from various types of beverages.


At Tap House Grill, we have surpassed the customized drink trend by not only providing exclusive crafts beers in our establishments, but also providing specialty cocktails like “Peach Lightning” or “Tap House Mule” (both of which go great with our modern twist of Americana cuisine).

Plus, our large selection of handcrafted beers is a big reason why Tap House Grill is so successful today. From the classics, to IPAs, barrel-aged stouts to ciders, and even 22 oz. bombers, Tap House Grill’s selection of brews is creative enough to satisfy even the harshest craft beer critic.

Our selection of wine appeals to every taste and price point for our guests. Not to mention, we do “Tap Takeovers,” “Night of the Flight,” and “Keep the Pint Nights” regularly at our restaurants, introducing customers to new drink selections and expanding their beer knowledge.

To learn more about Tap House Grill’s customized beverage menu, click here.

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