The Rise of Pumpkin Beers in the Modern Gastropub

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Fall is the perfect time to enjoy some unexpected flavors and tastes from your favorite breweries. The season offers a variety of pumpkin-based beers and drinks that encourage individuals to try out something different for the month of October. Get ready for the various pumpkin beers — like the Southern Tier Pumking and Dogfish Head Punkin — available at the Tap House Grill by learning about your favorite flavors.

The History of Pumpkin Beer

Although modern brews and tastes differ from previous generations, pumpkin beer is a long-lasting trend that started in the Colonial Period. Barley did not grow on the North American continent when it was colonized by the British, so the local brews made use of alternative ingredients. Pumpkins were used in place of barley and wheat initially to create a new beer.

Pumpkin beer has a long history, but it was not until the 1980s — when it became a popular seasonal drink for fall — that the beer took on a clear pumpkin flavor. Since the fermenting process changes the taste of the drink and thus strays from the original pumpkin flavor, breweries started using pumpkin pie spice and similar flavors to add to the taste and improve the final profile.

Modern Pumpkin Beers

The process of making a pumpkin beer is changing as new recipes and designs provide new flavor notes. The evolution of pumpkin pie spice recipes over the years has resulted in similar changes in flavors of the seasonal beer. Modern pumpkin beers also take into account tastes and flavors that are currently popular when creating the right brew.

Additionally, some pumpkin beers provide more than just a traditionally small hint of alcohol. Some brews actually have a high alcohol content and a flavor that appeals to individuals with a taste for dark, porter-like beers.

Trying Out a New Brew

The pumpkin beer trend in 2015 is more than just a passing fad. Rather, it is a growing tradition that has a long history in the United States. Explore new tastes, different levels of alcohol and a touch of nostalgia that stems from a long history of brewing from pumpkins. Enjoy a Pumking, a Punkin or others and try a new taste at The Tap House Grill this season.