What’s the best location for your gastropub franchise?

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The most important step of opening any gastropub franchise is to find the perfect location. No matter how many awesome food and beer selections you may have, if people can’t find or easily access your business, your sales will suffer.

Just look to Tap House Grill, for example. The Tap House Grill franchise has highly visible locations throughout Chicago’s suburbs, making restaurant industry growth a tangible opportunity for the chain.

If you’re interested in opening your own Tap House Grill, there are a handful of steps you must first consider.

First, determine which demographics you will target with your establishment, or in the case of the Tap House franchise, which demographics the chain already serves. Then, find out where they live and go to them; don’t make them come to you.

It’s also important to remember that establishing a presence for your business will be much easier if your restaurant is located in the right part of town, ideally around other restaurants or retail shopping, rather than by a school or somewhere out of place.

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Making sure your gastropub franchise location is properly zoned can also make all the difference, especially if you’re hoping to expand or renovate your business in the future.

Though it might seem counter productive, you should also consider setting up your restaurant location near some of your competitors. If they are already driving traffic to the area, and that traffic might be more attracted to your restaurant, the less advertising work you have to do. This will give you momentum toward your best shot at restaurant industry growth.

It is also a good idea to have a local real estate professional and your lawyer work out the terms of your lease with your landlord to ensure you will be able to help your gastropub grow and flourish in the restaurant industry. You should already have an idea of what your long-term objectives are for your establishment, and your lease should not be something that stands in the way of you achieving those goals.