Why Do We Love Beer?

TapHouse Blog

A 2013 study conducted by the Indiana University School of Medicine discovered that even a sip of beer, even without any effect from the actual alcohol, can trigger small amounts of dopamine in the brain.

That got us thinking. What is it about beer that makes us love it?

Through rigorous examination and in-depth analysis, we’ve discovered the truth. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t rigorous or in-depth, but it was fun and it gives us a great reason to talk about the delicious beer here at Tap House Grill!

I-Love-BeerThis is what we came up with.

It’s Socially-driven

Stopping by a local tavern during happy hour or after a long day at work is a great way to unwind and have excellent conversations with friends and colleagues. Heading out for a communal beer give us all an excuse, no matter how small, to spend time with the people we love and enjoy.

It’s Scientifically Interesting

How many times have you thought, “what is beer made out of?” Maybe not as many times as we have, but the answer to that question is fascinating. The holy grail of ingredients in beer is yeast — which starts as a living organism that ferments and converts sugar into alcohol. Thank you for your sacrifice, oh wonderful yeast!

It’s Wide-Ranging

While nobody knows the exact number (it’s an impossible number to determine) there’s an estimated 90,000 different kinds of beer in the world, not counting micro-brew and self-brewing flavors. If you drank one beer every day, it would take you about 250 years to get through that case. That’s a lot of variety!

It’s Inclusive

Now we know not everyone can agree on which beer is the best (personally we’re digging the Tap House Grill Leinekugel’s Shandy lineup right now) but there is a consensus that people enjoy drinking it. And, those who enjoy beer come from all walks of life. It offers people an opportunity to connect in a world of differences and can be the one thing that brings them together.

So, that’s why we love beer. Come visit your local Tap House Grill and let us know why you love it!