Winter (Beer) is Coming

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The winter months are a time to enjoy a variety of fun activities in the Windy City. The cold temperatures and snowfall provide a beautiful winter wonderland that is perfect for the holidays, but it is also perfect for enjoying a winter warmer beer at Tap House Grill locations. Winter beers provide a feeling of warmth and a touch of seasonal flavors that make it stand out from other options. By finding the right pairing with meals and enjoying the array of different flavors, an individual can experience some of the most interesting beers throughout the season.

History of Winter Beers

Winter beers have a long history that started several thousand years in the past. Originally, special brews were made to celebrate holidays like Yule celebrations in December. In Norway, the tradition of brewing during the holidays started with a king. The king in the mid-900’s required every peasant family to brew beer and celebrate the holidays with a party. If they did not brew the beverage or celebrate with a party, they lost property and faced harsh penalties. As a result, a tradition of brewing started throughout the region.

While the history started long before modern advances resulted in different flavors and options, winter brews remain a traditional part of celebrating the holidays in a cold and windy climate.

Selecting the Right Foods

Pairing a winter beer with food items depends on the type of food rather than the type of beer. In general, most winter beers work well with meals; however, certain types of brews are appropriate for different party foods.

Opt for spicy and light beers when eating mild cheeses or enjoy a dark brew when eating more pungent cheese options. When eating holiday meals with glazed ham or similar meats, opt for a light and fruity beer. Enjoy a mid-body brew when eating most seafoods, particularly grilled fish of any kind.

Winter is a time to try out new beers. Since the season has a variety of different options that work well with holiday meals and special treats, the key is recognizing the way that flavors match up. Opt for heavier options when eating light or subtle meals, and enjoy lighter beers when enjoying a sweet and savory meal. But overall, enjoy the cold and windy weather this winter at Tap House Grill with beers like the Sam Adams Winter Lager and other winter beers.